Forge: Deployment Rollbacks

We introduced the Deployments panel back in October 2020 and have continued to improve the functionality of it since. The...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Site Commands

Forge has had the ability to execute arbitrary Bash scripts on your server via Recipes for some time now. However,...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Session Changes

On the morning of March 18th all Laravel Forge sessions were manually logged out. This was done so that we...

James Brooks Mar, 19 2021

Forge: MeiliSearch Server Type

Today we're excited to announce MeiliSearch as a new addition to the recently released Server Types feature.MeiliSearch is an open source, blazingly fast and hyper relevant search-engine that will improve your search experience.Laravel Forge makes it quick and easy...

James Brooks Mar, 15 2021

Installer: Git Support

With the newly released v4.2 update of the Laravel installer comes an exciting new feature: Git Support! It's now possible to initialise a Git repository with the base skeleton already committed when setting up a new project. Simply make use of the `--git` flag to...

Dries Vints Mar, 9 2021

Forge: Using Tags To Organize Your Projects

As your server infrastructure and number of sites grows, finding the right server or site can become increasingly cumbersome. Thankfully,...

James Brooks Mar, 5 2021

Vapor: "Learn Laravel Vapor" is now available on YouTube

The video series "Learn Laravel Vapor" has been completed and is now available for viewing on YouTube. With 2 hours of content, our team will help you launch your Laravel infrastructure on Vapor and fall in love with the scalable simplicity of serverless.

Nuno Maduro Mar, 5 2021

Vapor: Docker Based Runtimes Are Now Available In All Regions

Previously, only a few regions supported Docker runtimes. But, starting today, you can use Docker runtimes in all regions supported by Vapor.

Nuno Maduro Feb, 17 2021

Laravel Internals: Episode #4

In this week's episode, our team members Dries Vints and Nuno Maduro chat about the recent developments on the Laravel ecosystem.

Nuno Maduro Feb, 11 2021

Cashier Stripe: Metered Billing and Stripe Checkout Support

Today we are excited to announce that Cashier Stripe has received some long anticipated updates, including support for [Stripe Checkout]( as well as support for [Metered Billing]( subscription plans. ## Stripe Checkout Stripe Checkout makes it a cinch to implement a way to bill your...

Dries Vints Feb, 8 2021

Forge: Introducing Server Types

Today we are excited to announce a new way to provision different types of servers within Laravel Forge. When creating...

James Brooks Feb, 4 2021

Laravel: Parallel Testing Is Now Available

We're excited to announce that Parallel Testing is now available in Laravel. Starting Laravel v8.25, you may use the built-in `test` Artisan command to run your tests simultaneously across multiple processes to significantly reduce the time required to run the entire test suite.

Nuno Maduro Jan, 25 2021

Laravel: New Release Schedule

For the last 4 years, Laravel has released a new "major" version every 6 months. Before adopting the "semantic versioning"...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 25 2021

Forge: Deploy Keys Now Supported

Forge is used by agencies all over the world to provision servers and deploy sites on behalf of their clients. Currently, when Forge provisions a server, that server's SSH key is added to the SSH keys of the Forge user's connected source control providers. This...

James Brooks Jan, 25 2021

Security: Laravel 6.20.12, 7.30.3 Released

Earlier this week we released a security update to address a problem with query parameter binding in Laravel. However, the 6.x and 7.x releases were done before the Git sub-tree splits had completed running; therefore, anyone using the illuminate/database component apart from the Laravel framework...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 15 2021

Security: Laravel 6.20.11, 7.30.2, 8.22.1 Released

This morning we released Laravel 6.20.11, 7.30.2, and 8.22.1. These updates contain a security related patch; therefore, we encourage all Laravel users to update their applications as soon as possible.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 13 2021

Laravel Snippet #26: Jetstream 2.x, Forge Circles, Spark "Next", React SPAs

In this episode I discuss the release of Jetstream 2.x, Forge Circles, Spark "Next", and React SPA starter kits.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 8 2021

Forge: Creating Circle Servers

As a circle owner in Laravel Forge, you can now allow your circle members to create servers using the server provider credentials of your choice:

Mohamed Said Jan, 8 2021

Security: Fortify 1.7.4. Released

We have reverted a pull request that was merged into Laravel Fortify 1.7.3 which introduced a potential security vulnerability. Please update your applications using Fortify 1.7.3, including all Jetstream based applications, to Fortify 1.7.4.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 7 2021

Jetstream 2.0 Released

Today I'm excited to announce the release of Laravel Jetstream 2.0! This release of Jetstream adds several highly requested features to the application starter kit, including:Team Member InvitationsInertia Authentication ViewsTeam Switcher ImprovementsAccessibility ImprovementsTailwind 2.0 SupportIf you have already started an application on...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 5 2021

Laravel Snippet #25: Ecosystem Discussion, Auth Recap, Passport, Sanctum

In this episode, I discuss recent comments regarding my previous podcast, give a recap of the authentication packages covered in the last podcast, and discuss Laravel Passport and Sanctum with particular focus on SPA authentication.

Taylor Otwell Dec, 28 2020

Laravel Internals: Episode #3

In this week's episode, our team chat about the recent developments on the Laravel ecosystem.

Nuno Maduro Dec, 23 2020

Envoyer & Vapor: Automatically Email Invoices

Beginning today, you may provide a list of email addresses that you would like to receive invoice PDFs when your Envoyer and Vapor subscriptions successfully renews.

Nuno Maduro Dec, 22 2020

Laravel Snippet #24: Fortify, Jetstream, Breeze

In this episode I discuss the history and purpose of Laravel authentication scaffolding and what led me to write Laravel Fortify, Jetstream, and Breeze.

Taylor Otwell Dec, 21 2020
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