Forge: Octane Support

Back in March, Taylor announced the new Laravel Octane project at Laracon Online. Today we're pleased to announce that Octane support is available in Forge.

James Brooks Apr, 21 2021

Forge: DigitalOcean Premium Droplets Are Now Available

A few weeks ago, DigitalOcean introduced new Premium Droplets with faster Intel and AMD CPUs, enhanced memory performance, and high-performance disks. And starting today, you may use these Droplets on Forge when specifying the "Server Size" while creating a new server.

Nuno Maduro Apr, 1 2021

Forge: Deployment Rollbacks

We introduced the Deployments panel back in October 2020 and have continued to improve the functionality of it since. The...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Site Commands

Forge has had the ability to execute arbitrary Bash scripts on your server via Recipes for some time now. However,...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Session Changes

On the morning of March 18th all Laravel Forge sessions were manually logged out. This was done so that we...

James Brooks Mar, 19 2021

Forge: MeiliSearch Server Type

Today we're excited to announce MeiliSearch as a new addition to the recently released Server Types feature.MeiliSearch is an open source, blazingly fast and hyper relevant search-engine that will improve your search experience.Laravel Forge makes it quick and easy...

James Brooks Mar, 15 2021

Installer: Git Support

With the newly released v4.2 update of the Laravel installer comes an exciting new feature: Git Support! It's now possible to initialise a Git repository with the base skeleton already committed when setting up a new project. Simply make use of the `--git` flag to...

Dries Vints Mar, 9 2021

Forge: Using Tags To Organize Your Projects

As your server infrastructure and number of sites grows, finding the right server or site can become increasingly cumbersome. Thankfully,...

James Brooks Mar, 5 2021

Vapor: "Learn Laravel Vapor" is now available on YouTube

The video series "Learn Laravel Vapor" has been completed and is now available for viewing on YouTube. With 2 hours of content, our team will help you launch your Laravel infrastructure on Vapor and fall in love with the scalable simplicity of serverless.

Nuno Maduro Mar, 5 2021

Vapor: Docker Based Runtimes Are Now Available In All Regions

Previously, only a few regions supported Docker runtimes. But, starting today, you can use Docker runtimes in all regions supported by Vapor.

Nuno Maduro Feb, 17 2021

Laravel Internals: Episode #4

In this week's episode, our team members Dries Vints and Nuno Maduro chat about the recent developments on the Laravel ecosystem.

Nuno Maduro Feb, 11 2021

Cashier Stripe: Metered Billing and Stripe Checkout Support

Today we are excited to announce that Cashier Stripe has received some long anticipated updates, including support for [Stripe Checkout]( as well as support for [Metered Billing]( subscription plans. ## Stripe Checkout Stripe Checkout makes it a cinch to implement a way to bill your...

Dries Vints Feb, 8 2021

Forge: Introducing Server Types

Today we are excited to announce a new way to provision different types of servers within Laravel Forge. When creating...

James Brooks Feb, 4 2021

Laravel: Parallel Testing Is Now Available

We're excited to announce that Parallel Testing is now available in Laravel. Starting Laravel v8.25, you may use the built-in `test` Artisan command to run your tests simultaneously across multiple processes to significantly reduce the time required to run the entire test suite.

Nuno Maduro Jan, 25 2021

Laravel: New Release Schedule

For the last 4 years, Laravel has released a new "major" version every 6 months. Before adopting the "semantic versioning"...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 25 2021

Forge: Deploy Keys Now Supported

Forge is used by agencies all over the world to provision servers and deploy sites on behalf of their clients. Currently, when Forge provisions a server, that server's SSH key is added to the SSH keys of the Forge user's connected source control providers. This...

James Brooks Jan, 25 2021

Security: Laravel 6.20.12, 7.30.3 Released

Earlier this week we released a security update to address a problem with query parameter binding in Laravel. However, the 6.x and 7.x releases were done before the Git sub-tree splits had completed running; therefore, anyone using the illuminate/database component apart from the Laravel framework...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 15 2021

Security: Laravel 6.20.11, 7.30.2, 8.22.1 Released

This morning we released Laravel 6.20.11, 7.30.2, and 8.22.1. These updates contain a security related patch; therefore, we encourage all Laravel users to update their applications as soon as possible.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 13 2021

Laravel Snippet #26: Jetstream 2.x, Forge Circles, Spark "Next", React SPAs

In this episode I discuss the release of Jetstream 2.x, Forge Circles, Spark "Next", and React SPA starter kits.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 8 2021

Forge: Creating Circle Servers

As a circle owner in Laravel Forge, you can now allow your circle members to create servers using the server provider credentials of your choice:

Mohamed Said Jan, 8 2021

Security: Fortify 1.7.4. Released

We have reverted a pull request that was merged into Laravel Fortify 1.7.3 which introduced a potential security vulnerability. Please update your applications using Fortify 1.7.3, including all Jetstream based applications, to Fortify 1.7.4.

Taylor Otwell Jan, 7 2021

Jetstream 2.0 Released

Today I'm excited to announce the release of Laravel Jetstream 2.0! This release of Jetstream adds several highly requested features to the application starter kit, including:Team Member InvitationsInertia Authentication ViewsTeam Switcher ImprovementsAccessibility ImprovementsTailwind 2.0 SupportIf you have already started an application on...

Taylor Otwell Jan, 5 2021

Laravel Snippet #25: Ecosystem Discussion, Auth Recap, Passport, Sanctum

In this episode, I discuss recent comments regarding my previous podcast, give a recap of the authentication packages covered in the last podcast, and discuss Laravel Passport and Sanctum with particular focus on SPA authentication.

Taylor Otwell Dec, 28 2020

Laravel Internals: Episode #3

In this week's episode, our team chat about the recent developments on the Laravel ecosystem.

Nuno Maduro Dec, 23 2020
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