Vapor: Managing DNS

In this post, we'll discuss the different approaches to managing your DNS when attaching a custom domain to your Vapor project.

Joe Dixon Sep, 23 2022

Nova: New Features You May Have Missed

Let's take a moment to highlight some great new features you may have missed in Nova version 4.

David Hemphill Sep, 22 2022

Vapor: Free Sandbox Accounts

Introduding Vapor sandbox accounts. Get started with Vapor for free and see how quick, easy and painless it is to provision, deploy and manage your Laravel application in a serverless environment.

Joe Dixon Sep, 14 2022

Ditching Google Analytics for Fathom

On August 24th, we switched to Fathom Analytics, completely removing our dependency on Google Analytics from this blog, Envoyer, Forge and Vapor.

James Brooks Aug, 30 2022

Forge: New IP Addresses

On September 10th, Forge will begin to utilize three additional IP addresses. If you are utilizing an IP allow list.

James Brooks Aug, 16 2022

Laravel: New DB Commands

Following last week's release, which again focused on Artisan, this week Laravel v9.24 introduces three new DB commands and more.

Taylor Otwell Aug, 9 2022

Vapor: Postgres Improvements

In the latest release of Vapor, we’ve made some big improvements to our support for Postgres.

Joe Dixon Jul, 22 2022

Customer Balances for Spark Stripe

In the latest release of Spark Stripe, we're happy to introduce support for Customer Balances. With this new addition, customers...

Dries Vints Jul, 22 2022

Laravel: New "about" Command

Following on from the recently introduced fresh new look for Artisan, we took some time to identify new Artisan commands to further improve the Laravel experience. Another newly introduced command is "about". This command displays information about your application's environment.

James Brooks Jul, 19 2022

Laravel: New "model:show" Command

Following on from the recently introduced fresh new look for Artisan, we took some time to identify new Artisan commands to further improve the Laravel experience. One of the newly introduced commands is "model:show". This command dumps out the model and table highlights for the given model.

Jess Archer Jul, 19 2022

Laravel: Refreshing Artisan

On today's release of Laravel v9.21.0, we’re bringing you a fresh new look for Artisan: a brand new console output on the vast majority of Laravel commands that deliveries a better console experience, and displays more information in commands such as "migrate" or "queue:work".

Nuno Maduro Jul, 19 2022

Laravel Pint v1.0 Released

After a few beta releases, today we've finally reached the first stable release of Pint. And, starting with next week's release of Laravel, Pint will be included on every new Laravel application as a `dev` dependency.

Nuno Maduro Jul, 15 2022

Super-charging Laravel Forge Deployments with Environment Variables

Aside from provisioning servers and creating sites, Laravel Forge does so much more, including deploying code to your sites.

James Brooks Jun, 24 2022

Vapor: Understanding Concurrency

Every application running on Vapor is powered by AWS Lambda, which allows us to run code without needing to think...

Joe Dixon Jun, 23 2022

Vapor: GitHub Integration + Scaffolding

Today, we are excited to announce that you may create Vapor projects by simply connecting your GitHub account and letting Vapor do the rest! Need more details? Here's what we mean. Starting today, Vapor can create a new GitHub repository, deploy the new application to Vapor, and configure GitHub actions to deploy to Vapor each time you push fresh code to your new application.

Nuno Maduro Jun, 13 2022

Laravel Forge: Real-Time Deployment Output

Today we’re pleased to announce that you can now see the real-time output from your deployments as they happen. You can see the live deployment output in the Deployments panel of any site that is actively deploying.

James Brooks Jun, 10 2022

Retrying Payments in Spark Stripe

Today we're excited to launch a new feature for Spark Stripe: manual payment retries! When a customer's recurring payment fails,...

Dries Vints Jun, 2 2022

Vapor: Unlimited Assets & Asset Uploads 10x Faster

We are thrilled to announce that applications may now have unlimited public assets and the 400 public assets hard limit has been removed. In addition, we have made multiple performance enhancements to our deployment pipeline that uploads assets to S3. So, asset uploads are now up to 10x faster.

Nuno Maduro May, 13 2022

Forge: Ubuntu 22.04 Support

We're excited to announce that Laravel Forge now supports Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) - the latest Ubuntu LTS release from Canonical!

James Brooks May, 10 2022

Vapor: Aurora Serverless v2 Is Now Available

This new version adds support for MySQL 8.0, and has a faster, more granular, less disruptive scaling than Aurora Serverless v1.

Nuno Maduro May, 6 2022

Manage Composer Credentials with Laravel Forge

Forge now makes it even easier and quicker to manage your server's Composer package configurations and deployments with the introduction of the new "Packages" panel.

James Brooks Apr, 21 2022

Laravel Forge Command Palette

Today we're happy to ship a wonderful new feature to Laravel Forge: the Forge Command Palette! We love making Forge the fastest, simplest, and most enjoyable way to manage your Laravel servers across a variety of platforms. To make you even more productive, the new...

Taylor Otwell Apr, 19 2022

Spark 2.0 Now Available!

We're happy to announce that Spark 2.0 is now available! Spark Stripe 2.0 includes support for [Cashier Stripe]( v13, offering the latest compatibility enhancements with Stripe. Check out [the upgrade guide]( to update your Spark installation to this new major version. Also, Spark Paddle 2.0...

Dries Vints Apr, 12 2022

Laravel Nova 4.0 Now Available!

This week we are thrilled to launch Nova 4.0 - the largest update to Laravel Nova since its initial release in 2018. David, Mior, and the rest of the Nova team have been hard at work to make this the best Nova release ever. This...

Taylor Otwell Apr, 7 2022
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