Spark 3.0 Now Available!

Jan, 10 2023

Today we're happy to announce that Spark 3.0 is available!

Spark Stripe 3.0 includes support for Cashier Stripe 14, offering the latest compatibility enhancements with Stripe. Check out our upgrade guide to update your Spark installation to this new major version.

Spark Stripe 3.0 now utilizes Stripe Checkout when initiating subscriptions or updating payment methods within your application. This brings all the power of Stripe Checkout to Spark Stripe.

Also, Spark Paddle 3.0 has been released and includes minor maintenace improvements and fixes. Please consult our upgrade guide for notes regarding these minor updates.

We hope you enjoy these new releases and keep building amazing things!

By Dries Vints

Developer at Laravel working on the first-party open source libraries. Find me on TwitterGitHub or my website.

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