Improving Laravel Application Security with Aikido

As your Laravel application grows, managing security objectives becomes more challenging, especially for small teams or solo developers. Today, Laravel has teamed up with Aikido to provide a seamless solution for securing your Laravel application. With Aikido, Laravel developers using Forge can effortlessly scan for and identify potential security vulnerabilities, all in less than 1 minute.

James Brooks Jul, 8 2024

Spark Stripe: PayPal Support

We're happy to announce that Spark Stripe now supports PayPal for starting new subscriptions.

Dries Vints Jul, 2 2024

Laravel Application Monitoring & Debugging with Sentry

At Laravel, we equip PHP developers with the most advanced tools to create exceptional applications. Today, we announce our partnership with Sentry, making it a preferred monitoring and debugging solution for Laravel projects using Forge or Vapor. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to ensure that PHP developers have access to modern, powerful tools to streamline app development.

James Brooks Jun, 3 2024

Encryption and the In-between

Last year, we introduced a simple but surprisingly useful feature to Laravel Forge: the ability to add notes to servers. While checking the uptake of this feature, we noticed that customers were often storing sensitive data in the field. We hadn’t designed notes to store...

James Brooks Apr, 4 2024

Spark Stripe: SEPA and Link Support

We're happy to announce that Spark Stripe now supports SEPA Direct Debit payments and Link payments.

Dries Vints Mar, 13 2024

Laravel 11 Now Available

Today, we're thrilled to announce the release of Laravel 11 and Laravel Reverb.

Taylor Otwell Mar, 12 2024

Spark 5.0 Now Available

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of Spark 5.0 for both Paddle and Stripe.

Dries Vints Jan, 15 2024

Vapor: Serverless ElastiCache Support

Recently, AWS announced a new addition to the ElastiCache service, serverless ElastiCache. Serverless ElastiCache radically simplifies the management of your...

Joe Dixon Dec, 21 2023

Vapor: Sub-Minute Scheduled Tasks

To invoke Laravel's internal scheduler, you must call the schedule:run Artisan command once every minute. In a traditional serverful hosting environment, you may achieve this using a utility such as cron.

Joe Dixon Dec, 21 2023

Octane + FrankenPHP

Today, we're super excited to announce a new Laravel Octane integration: FrankenPHP - a modern PHP server, developed by Kévin Dunglas, that supports modern web features such as early hints, automatic SSL certificate management, and Zstandard compression.

Nuno Maduro Dec, 19 2023

Vapor: RDS Certificate Authority Expiry

AWS has been providing certificates from the rds-ca-2019 Certificate Authority, but these certificates are due to expire in August 2024. If you are running an RDS instance using this Certificate Authority, it must be updated to prevent any interruption in connectivity after this date.

Joe Dixon Sep, 21 2023

Forge: Zero Downtime Deployments

We're thrilled to introduce zero downtime deployments to Laravel Forge, thanks to a seamless first-party integration with Envoyer. Envoyer's zero downtime deployments ensure you avoid even those brief milliseconds of downtime while the server updates your code.

James Brooks Aug, 17 2023

Introducing Volt: An elegantly crafted functional API for Livewire

Volt is an elegantly crafted functional API for Livewire, allowing component's PHP logic and Blade templates to coexist in the same file. Behind the scenes, the functional API is compiled to Livewire class components and linked with the template present in the same file.

Nuno Maduro Jul, 26 2023

Introducing Folio: Page Based Routing

Today, we are releasing the first beta of Laravel Folio. Folio is a powerful page-based router designed to simplify routing in Laravel applications. With Laravel Folio, generating a route becomes as effortless as creating a Blade template within your application's "resources/views/pages" directory.

Nuno Maduro Jul, 25 2023

Vapor: Multi-level Subdomains

Vapor has always made it straightforward to deploy your application to a custom domain, subdomain, or even wildcard subdomain. However,...

Joe Dixon Jun, 28 2023

Vapor: Native Runtime Deprecations

Today, we’re announcing the deprecation of a number of our native runtimes and wanted to take the opportunity to communicate what this looks like both now and moving forward.

Joe Dixon Jun, 7 2023

Vapor: Farewell to Debug Logs

When Vapor handles incoming HTTP requests or queued jobs, it writes debug information to your CloudWatch logs. This includes logging...

Joe Dixon May, 11 2023

Forge: Deployment Webhook Improvements

Laravel Forge's "quick deploy" feature gives your team a seamless push-to-deploy experience. Whenever new code is pushed to your deployed...

Tim MacDonald May, 2 2023

Vapor: Arm Architecture Support

Today we're super pumped to announce Arm powered runtimes on Vapor. Powered by AWS Graviton 2 processors, applications will see up to 20% better performance at a 20% cost reduction.

Joe Dixon Apr, 17 2023

Vapor: Queue Management

Today, we're excited to announce that we're bringing queue management to the Vapor dashboard!

Joe Dixon Apr, 4 2023

Vapor: Application Logs Reloaded

Today, we're excited to announce that by combining the power of CloudWatch with the sleek and intuitive Vapor UI, we're making application logs available directly in the Vapor dashboard.

Joe Dixon Mar, 23 2023

Laravel v10 Released

Today we're thrilled to announce that we have tagged the Laravel 10.0 release! Laravel 10 continues the improvements made in...

Taylor Otwell Feb, 13 2023

Vapor: Individual Queue Concurrency

Today, we're excited to announce it's now possible to set the maximum concurrency of individual Vapor queues. This new feature will allow you to ensure that not one of your queues can consume all of the available resources.

Joe Dixon Jan, 30 2023

Vapor: Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region Is Now Available

Starting today, you may also choose the Asia Pacific (Jakarta) region when starting a new project on Vapor. This new region offers low latency for customers seeking to serve end-users in Indonesia.

Nuno Maduro Jan, 19 2023
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