Forge: phpMyAdmin One Click Install

Beginning today, phpMyAdmin is now available as a "one click" installation option on Laravel Forge!When...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 12 2020

Forge: New Load Balancer Features

Beginning today, you may now customize the "weight" of your load balancer servers, indicating that some servers should serve more...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 12 2020

Vapor: API Gateway 2.0 now supports wildcard custom domain names

Amazon just announced that API Gateway 2.0 now supports wildcard custom domain names. With this new feature, you can now combine a wildcard domain...

Nuno Maduro Aug, 12 2020

Security Release: Laravel 6.18.35, 7.24.0

**Note: This security patch only affects applications using the `$guarded` property on models. In addition, applications that set `$guarded` to `[]` or `['*']` are not affected by the bug described in this post.** Today we are releasing a follow-up to yesterday's security patches. Today's patch...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 7 2020

Security Release: Laravel 6.18.34, 7.23.2

Today we released a security patch for Laravel 6.x and 7.x. In previous releases of Laravel, it was possible to mass assign Eloquent attributes that included the model's table name: ``` $model->fill(['' => 'Taylor']); ``` When doing so, Eloquent would remove the table name from...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 6 2020

Forge: Load Balancer Methods

Load balancers in Forge are used to distribute web traffic amongst two or more servers and are often used for...

James Brooks Aug, 6 2020

Forge: Password Protected Paths

We are excited to announce that you can now configure and manage password protected paths within the Forge dashboard.Previously, this...

James Brooks Jul, 31 2020

Laravel Cookie Security Releases

Today we released several fixes to address a security vulnerability in the framework that we were notified of during the weekend. Application's using the "cookie" session driver were the primary applications affected by this vulnerability. **Since we have not yet released a security release for...

Taylor Otwell Jul, 27 2020

Security Release: Laravel 6.18.29, 7.22.2

Today we have released a security patch for Laravel versions 6.x and 7.x. These releases have been released as Laravel 6.18.29 and 7.22.2. All Laravel users are encouraged to upgrade to these versions as soon as possible. Upgrading to these versions will invalidate any existing...

Taylor Otwell Jul, 27 2020

Laravel v7.19.0 released

Laravel v7.19.0 is released in 2020/07/07, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.

Tania Blindaruk Jul, 7 2020

Forge: Multiple PHP Installations

Today we're pleased to announce that Laravel Forge now supports managing multiple versions of PHP on a...

James Brooks Jul, 7 2020

Forge: Custom Backup Providers

Forge now supports using a custom S3 compatible provider for your database backups. When using a custom provider, such as...

James Brooks Jun, 18 2020
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