Spark 5.0 Now Available

Jan, 15 2024#spark

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of Spark 5.0 for both Paddle and Stripe.

Spark Paddle 5.0 introduces support for Paddle Billing, Paddle's next-generation billing API. New Laravel applications can utilize Spark to quickly integrate with Paddle's latest APIs.

Unfortunately, Paddle does not provide an upgrade path from Paddle Classic to Paddle Billing. If your application is using Paddle Classic, you should continue to use Spark Paddle 4.x.

Spark Stripe 5.0 supports the latest Stripe PHP SDK 13.x and its latest API version (2023-10-16), as well as Cashier Stripe 15.x.

Check out the Spark documentation to learn more.

By Dries Vints

Developer at Laravel working on the first-party open source libraries. Find me on TwitterGitHub or my website.

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