Introducing Folio: Page Based Routing

Jul, 25 2023#releases

The Laravel Folio repository and documentation are available on GitHub:

As promised at Laracon US 2023 by Taylor Otwell, we will be launching two brand new packages this week: Folio and Volt.


Today, we are releasing the first beta of Laravel Folio. Folio is a powerful page-based router designed to simplify routing in Laravel applications. With Laravel Folio, generating a route becomes as effortless as creating a Blade template within your application's resources/views/pages directory.

For example, to create a page that is accessible at the /greeting URL, just create a greeting.blade.php file in your application's resources/views/pages directory.

    Hello World

Comprehensive documentation on Folio can be found on its GitHub repository; however, everything you love about Laravel's routing system is also available in Folio: middleware, nested routes, route parameters, route model binding, and more.

Laravel Folio is great for simple, static pages, but it doesn't support the rich interactivity many users have come to expect from modern web applications. For that, we recommend you use Laravel Livewire - and you don't have to wait long. Laravel Volt, which allows you to write single-file Livewire components within your Folio pages, launches tomorrow.

During Folio and Volt's beta period, please share your feedback on these packages. Over the coming weeks, we'll be preparing the stable releases of these packages and moving the documentation to the official Laravel website.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the Laravel ecosystem. At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer friendly PHP experience in the world. Build something amazing!

By Nuno Maduro

Laravel Team, Creator of Pest.

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