Vapor: Introducing Custom IP Ranges

Jan, 18 2023

One of the most requested features for Vapor is the ability to create a network with a custom IP range.

Many customers ask to do this in order to configure Vapor environments to communicate with pre-existing resources on AWS. A good example of this would be connecting two Vapor provisioned networks together using VPC peering or transit gateways without conflicting IP addresses.

Well, we’re excited to announce this feature is now available! Beginning today, a new option to “Configure Custom IP Range” will be presented to you when creating a new network.


This option provides a set of inputs to control the IP ranges used when creating the network.


You must use CIDR notation to provide the allowed IP range for the VPC, along with the public and private subnets. Vapor will automatically determine the number of private subnets required depending on the availability zones available in the selected region, with each private subnet needing a valid IP range.

Provided the IP ranges entered are valid, the desired IP ranges will be set during network creation.

We at Vapor are committed to providing the leading serverless PHP deployment platform. We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to hearing your feedback!

By Joe Dixon

Software Developer at Laravel.

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