Vapor: Serverless ElastiCache Support

Dec, 21 2023#vapor

Recently, AWS announced a new addition to the ElastiCache service, serverless ElastiCache.

Serverless ElastiCache radically simplifies the management of your cache, negating the need to provision a fixed-size cache or predetermined number of cache nodes.

Instead, Redis-backed serverless Caches can be provisioned in under a minute and instantly scale to support the needs of even the most demanding applications.

Serverless ElastiCache automatically stores data across availability zones and offers 99.99% availability. It also provides encryption in transit and at rest by default.

Today, we're excited to announce Vapor now provides the ability to provision and manage serverless ElastiCache directly from the Vapor dashboard or CLI. To get started, simply create a new cache from your Vapor dashboard and select the new "Redis 7.x Serverless" cache type.

As always with Vapor, we strive to ensure that provisioning infrastructure and attaching it to your projects is as simple as possible. Once your new serverless Cache is provisioned, add it to your vapor.yml configuration file and deploy using the Vapor CLI. Vapor will automatically configure the Redis connection and inject all relevant environment variables:

id: 3
name: vapor-app
        cache: my-serverless-cache
            - 'composer install --no-dev'
            - 'php artisan migrate --force'

To learn more about using caches with your Vapor application, check out our complete Vapor cache documentation.

At Vapor, we go the extra mile to ensure your serverless infrastructure is as easy to manage and maintain as possible. We hope you like this exciting new addition, which is available today.

By Joe Dixon

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