Vapor: Avoid Unexpected Charges With Managed Budgets

Nov, 29 2022#vapor

As you may know, Vapor is a serverless deployment platform for Laravel that strives to make the deployment and scaling of your Laravel project easier than ever. Behind the scenes, Vapor provisions your Laravel infrastructure on AWS and AWS costs are not included as part of your Vapor subscription.

In this post, we'll discuss a brand new Vapor feature that allows you to stay informed about your AWS costs and avoid unexpected charges.

Starting today, you may use Vapor's managed budgets when creating or editing your cloud provider. Here, you can define your monthly AWS budget in USD and configure multiple alarms to notify the team owner via email if there is a spike in costs.


At this time, up to 5 alarms can be configured:

Each alarm can be triggered once per monthly billing period.

Behind the scenes, Vapor uses the AWS Budgets service, which checks your bill three times a day - typically every 8–12 hours. When an alarm is triggered, the team owner will receive an email allowing your team to act quickly and avoid unexpected charges:


We hope you enjoy this wonderful new addition to Laravel Vapor. At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer-friendly PHP experience in the world. If you haven't checked out Vapor, now is a great time to start! You can create your account today at

By Nuno Maduro

Laravel Team, Creator of Pest.

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