Vapor: Farewell to Debug Logs

May, 11 2023#vapor

When Vapor handles incoming HTTP requests or queued jobs, it writes debug information to your CloudWatch logs. This includes logging when your application's configuration is cached, environment variables are decrypted, FPM status, and more. Rarely, these logs can assist in debugging problems with your application, but most of the time they are simply added noise.


Beginning today, we are disabling these logs by default, removing the unnecessary noise and allowing you to focus on what's important when debugging your application.

This change may also result in a reduction of your AWS bill, particularly on high-traffic applications, as this update reduces the total number of logs written to CloudWatch.

Of course, occasionally, you may still wish to view Vapor's debug logs. You may opt-in to these logs from the "Logs" page of your environment in the Vapor dashboard, or by using the --debug option when deploying from the CLI:

vapor deploy production --debug

This update is available beginning today, but you must upgrade to the latest versions of vapor-core (v2.31.0) and vapor-cli (v1.56.0) for the changes to take effect.


At Laravel, we strive to make the very best developer tooling out there, and we hope you agree this improvement to Vapor is another step in the right direction.

By Joe Dixon

Software Developer at Laravel.

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