Vapor: Arm Architecture Support

Apr, 17 2023#vapor

Today we're super pumped to announce Arm powered runtimes on Vapor. Powered by AWS Graviton 2 processors, applications will see up to 20% better performance at a 20% cost reduction. The more computationally intensive operations you perform - the more benefit you will notice!

Getting started couldn't be easier. Just update the runtime in your application's vapor.yml file to php-8.2:al2-arm and redeploy! Voila - your application is now running on Arm.


Switching a Docker runtime from x86 to Arm is just as straightforward. First, update the runtime in your application's vapor.yml file from docker to docker-arm. Then, update your Dockerfile to build from laravelphp/vapor:php82 to laravelphp/vapor:php82-arm. After your next deployment, your application will be running on Arm architecture.



Vapor provides Arm support for our native and Docker runtimes for applications running on PHP >= 8.2. In addition, you should ensure you are running the latest Vapor CLI version in order to access the new architecture.

At Laravel, we strive to provide the most developer-friendly and robust PHP experience in the world. We hope you like this new addition to boost performance and save costs when running your serverless Laravel application using Vapor.

By Joe Dixon

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