Vapor: GitHub Integration + Scaffolding

Today, we are excited to announce that you may create Vapor projects by simply connecting your GitHub account and letting Vapor do the rest! Need more details? Here's what we mean. Starting today, Vapor can create a new GitHub repository, deploy the new application to Vapor, and configure GitHub actions to deploy to Vapor each time you push fresh code to your new application.

Nuno Maduro Jun, 13 2022

Vapor: Unlimited Assets & Asset Uploads 10x Faster

We are thrilled to announce that applications may now have unlimited public assets and the 400 public assets hard limit has been removed. In addition, we have made multiple performance enhancements to our deployment pipeline that uploads assets to S3. So, asset uploads are now up to 10x faster.

Nuno Maduro May, 13 2022

Vapor: Aurora Serverless v2 Is Now Available

This new version adds support for MySQL 8.0, and has a faster, more granular, less disruptive scaling than Aurora Serverless v1.

Nuno Maduro May, 6 2022

Vapor: Applications May Now Have Up to 10 GB Of Temporary Storage

AWS recently announced that AWS Lambda now supports up to 10 GB ephemeral storage. In other words, this means that your Vapor environment functions may now hold up to 10 GB of information in the `/tmp` directory.

Nuno Maduro Mar, 28 2022

Log4j Vulnerability Update

Log4j is a Java library by Apache used to log debug messages within applications. It's recently been featured in news outlets around the world due to a vulnerability (known as Log4Shell) that was discovered allowing remote code execution using a specific string.

James Brooks Dec, 15 2021

Laravel ecosystem — including Laravel, Forge, and Vapor — is PHP 8.1 ready

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we ensured that Laravel, first-party libraries, Forge, Envoyer, Nova, and Vapor, do support PHP 8.1 since day one. So, let's take a look at what you need to start using PHP 8.1.

Nuno Maduro Nov, 24 2021

Vapor: RDS Proxies Now Support MySQL 8.0

Starting today, you may use Vapor's managed RDS Proxies with MySQL 8.0 — the most recent MySQL version.

Nuno Maduro Oct, 25 2021

Vapor: PHP 8.1 Release Candidate Is Now Supported

Starting today, you may use PHP 8.1 Release Candidates in your Vapor environments. To get started, simply specify "php-8.1:al2" as your preferred runtime in your "vapor.yml" configuration file.

Nuno Maduro Oct, 19 2021

Vapor: Octane Support Is Now Available

Today we're pleased to announce that Octane support is now available in Laravel Vapor. The speed improvements are just mind-blowing, so put on your seat belt, and let's get into the details.

Nuno Maduro Oct, 4 2021

Vapor: API Gateway vs Load Balancers

When using an AWS serverless infrastructure powered by Vapor, you have three different options to consider when determining how to route traffic to your application: API Gateway v1, API Gateway v2, and Load Balancers. In this article, we are going to compare these three options in terms of performance, pricing, and features.

Nuno Maduro Jun, 16 2021

Vapor: Common Infrastructure Performance Tips

In this article, we'll cover the Vapor most common infrastructure performance tips that may speed your Laravel applications powered by Vapor.

Nuno Maduro Jun, 11 2021

Vapor: Introducing Managed Firewalls

Today, we are proud to introduce Vapor's managed firewalls for basic protection against denial-of-service attacks targeting your environment, as well as protection against pervasive bot traffic that can consume your environment's resources.

Nuno Maduro May, 27 2021
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