Vapor: UI Dashboard Package

Today on Vapor, we're proud to introduce you to our new open-source package: Vapor UI. In short, this package provides a beautiful dashboard through your application that allows you to monitor your application's logs...

Nuno Maduro Sep, 3 2020

Vapor: API Gateway 2.0 now supports wildcard custom domain names

Amazon just announced that API Gateway 2.0 now supports wildcard custom domain names. With this new feature, you can now combine a wildcard domain...

Nuno Maduro Aug, 12 2020

Vapor Tinker Command

Today we released version v1.7.0 of `laravel/vapor-cli`. This release includes a new `tinker` command. Using the new command, you can execute code on Vapor using Laravel Tinker.

Mohamed Said Jun, 9 2020

Vapor: Adding Imagick As Separate Lambda Layer

Starting today, you can add Imagick support to your projects by importing an external Lambda layer. This change decreases the size of the default Vapor runtime layer and allows customers that don't use Imagick to upload larger applications without worrying about AWS Lambda application size...

Mohamed Said May, 26 2020

Vapor: HTTP APIs / API Gateway 2.0

When you launch an application on Laravel Vapor, we use AWS API Gateway to point web traffic to the AWS Lambda function that is powering your application. Normally, this is all magic that happens behind the scenes when using Vapor.A few months ago, Amazon released...

Mohamed Said Apr, 10 2020

Vapor: Custom Lambda Events

Today we released laravel/vapor-core version v2.5.1 with the ability to handle custom Lambda events. To get started, implement a vapor:handle artisan command in your application with the following signature:vapor:handle {payload}To extract the event payload from the payload argument, you should base64_decode and json_decode the string:

Mohamed Said Feb, 26 2020

Vapor: Job Timeouts

On February 10th, we've released v2.4.1 of laravel/vapor-core. This release includes an important fix for long running queued jobs. Before this fix, long running jobs were left to be terminated by Lambda after reaching the timeout set by queue-timeout in your vapor.yml file....

Mohamed Said Feb, 11 2020

Vapor: Separate Queue Lambdas

Starting today, new Vapor deployments will ensure a separate AWS Lambda function exists for running your queued jobs.Before this change, queued jobs executed within the CLI Lambda. This Lambda is also used for running deployment commands, CLI commands, and scheduled jobs. However, there were potential...

Mohamed Said Jan, 14 2020

Vapor: Rotating Your RDS SSL/TLS Certificates

Amazon RDS has published new SSL/TLS certificates for connecting to your RDS databases. The current certificates will expire on March 5th, 2020.All Vapor users using RDS databases in their projects should update their instances to the new certificates.You should ensure your Vapor project requires the...

Mohamed Said Jan, 10 2020

Vapor: Reusable Vendors

Beginning today, we are launching a new, opt-in feature for Laravel Vapor that allows Vapor to reuse the "vendor" directory from previous deployments if the contents of the vendor directory has not changed.This new feature has been launched to solve two problems. First, since we...

Taylor Otwell Sep, 26 2019
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