Vapor: Unlimited Assets & Asset Uploads 10x Faster

May, 13 2022#vapor

During deployment, Vapor automatically extracts all of the assets in your Laravel project's public directory and uploads them to S3. In addition, Vapor creates an AWS CloudFront (CDN) distribution to distribute these assets efficiently around the world.


However, since its launch, Vapor has limited projects to 400 public assets. This meant that customers had to optimize the number of public assets or manually upload those public assets to a self-managed CDN like S3 or Cloudinary.

But, starting today, we are thrilled to announce that applications may now have unlimited public assets and the 400 public assets hard limit has been removed. In addition, we have made multiple performance enhancements to our deployment pipeline that uploads assets to S3. So, asset uploads are now up to 10x faster.

To start taking advantage of all of these great updates, you need to update your Vapor CLI dependency to the latest version: v1.38.0.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful new addition to Laravel Vapor. At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer friendly PHP experience in the world. If you haven't checked out Vapor, now is a great time to start! You can create your account today at:

By Nuno Maduro

Laravel Team, Creator of Pest.

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