Vapor: RDS Proxies Now Support MySQL 8.0

Oct, 25 2021#vapor

As you may know, Vapor has built-in support for Amazon RDS Proxies. RDS Proxies allow you to efficiently manage your database connections and allow many more connections than would typically be possible.

And, starting today, you may use Vapor's managed RDS Proxies with MySQL 8.0 — the most recent MySQL version. Please refer to our documentation to see how to get started with RDS Proxies on Vapor.


For existing MySQL 5.7 databases using RDS Proxies, you may upgrade your database to MySQL 8.0, and attach a new proxy to the upgraded database. Of course, this process causes no downtime.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful new addition to Laravel Vapor. At Laravel, we're committed to providing you with the most robust and developer friendly PHP experience in the world. If you haven't checked out Vapor, now is a great time to start! You can create your account today at:

By Nuno Maduro

Laravel Team, Creator of Pest.

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