Vapor: Postgres Improvements

Jul, 22 2022#vapor

In the latest release of Vapor, we’ve made some big improvements to our support for Postgres.

Serverless v2

Earlier this year, we announced support for Aurora Serverless v2 for MySQL 8.0.

Today, we’re excited to announce support for Postgres 14. Much like its MySQL counterpart, Aurora Severless v2 for Postgres offers faster, more granular, and less disruptive scaling than Aurora Serverless v1, providing a solid option for hosting your application’s database while removing the burden of scaling.

To get started, add a new database from the Vapor UI or Vapor CLI and select "PostgreSQL 14.3 Serverless v2" as the database type.

Create Serverless v2 Postgres

You may also select the minimum and maximum capacity limits that the database may scale within.

Create Serverless v2 Postgres limits

RDS Proxies

You may now use RDS proxies with your fixed size Postgres 13 databases. RDS proxies are fully managed by AWS and help make your application more scalable, secure, and resistant to failures. It does so by sitting between your application and your database and limits the number of open connections against the database, which helps to reduce memory consumption and other compute resources.

You may add a proxy to your new or existing Postgres 13 database from the action menu of your fixed size Postgres or MySQL database.

Add Postgres Proxy

Next, add proxy: true to the relevant environment of your vapor.yml configuration file and redeploy your application. Vapor will take care of the rest!

Postgres 11 Deprecated

RDS no longer supports Postgres 11 for fixed size RDS instances. Therefore, they may no longer be created from the Vapor UI or CLI.

Since database restoration involves creating a new instance, it will also no longer be possible to restore existing Postgres 11 instances from Vapor and we encourage you to upgrade to Postgres 13 when possible.

We really hope you enjoy these fresh updates to Vapor, which you may start using right now! If you are new to Vapor, but, you may create your account today at:

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