Forge: Introducing The Forge CLI

Today we're proud to introduce you to our new command-line tool: Forge CLI. In short, this new open-source tool provides a number of helpful commands that can assist you in managing your Forge servers, sites, and resources, from the command-line.

Nuno Maduro Aug, 9 2021

Forge: Infrastructure Upgrades

On July 7th, we've made infrastructure upgrades on Laravel Forge to increase its stability and capacity. Due to the upgrades, we've updated the list of IP Addresses that may SSH into your server.

Nuno Maduro Jul, 8 2021

Deploying your Next.js App To Forge

Next.js is a React framework developed by [Vercel]( It includes functionality such as server-side rendering and static site generation. Today...

James Brooks Jun, 24 2021

Deploying Your Nuxt.js Site To Laravel Forge

Nuxt.js is a framework for generating static websites using Vue.js. Today we’re we're going to explore how to deploy your...

James Brooks Jun, 18 2021

Forge: May Round-Up

A whole month has flown by since our last post which rounded up all of the things...

James Brooks Jun, 1 2021

Forge: April Round-Up

April has been a busy month at Laravel Forge. With such a feature-packed month, I thought it...

James Brooks Apr, 30 2021

Forge: Octane Support

Back in March, Taylor announced the new Laravel Octane project at Laracon Online. Today we're pleased to announce that Octane support is available in Forge.

James Brooks Apr, 21 2021

Forge: DigitalOcean Premium Droplets Are Now Available

A few weeks ago, DigitalOcean introduced new Premium Droplets with faster Intel and AMD CPUs, enhanced memory performance, and high-performance disks. And starting today, you may use these Droplets on Forge when specifying the "Server Size" while creating a new server.

Nuno Maduro Apr, 1 2021

Forge: Deployment Rollbacks

We introduced the Deployments panel back in October 2020 and have continued to improve the functionality of it since. The...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Site Commands

Forge has had the ability to execute arbitrary Bash scripts on your server via Recipes for some time now. However,...

James Brooks Mar, 30 2021

Forge: Session Changes

On the morning of March 18th all Laravel Forge sessions were manually logged out. This was done so that we...

James Brooks Mar, 19 2021

Forge: Using Tags To Organize Your Projects

As your server infrastructure and number of sites grows, finding the right server or site can become increasingly cumbersome. Thankfully,...

James Brooks Mar, 5 2021
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