Forge: New Load Balancer Features

Beginning today, you may now customize the "weight" of your load balancer servers, indicating that some servers should serve more...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 12 2020

Forge: Load Balancer Methods

Load balancers in Forge are used to distribute web traffic amongst two or more servers and are often used for...

James Brooks Aug, 6 2020

Forge: Password Protected Paths

We are excited to announce that you can now configure and manage password protected paths within the Forge dashboard.Previously, this...

James Brooks Jul, 31 2020

Forge: Multiple PHP Installations

Today we're pleased to announce that Laravel Forge now supports managing multiple versions of PHP on a...

James Brooks Jul, 7 2020

Forge: Custom Backup Providers

Forge now supports using a custom S3 compatible provider for your database backups. When using a custom provider, such as...

James Brooks Jun, 18 2020

Forge: Deploy Script Environment Variables

We've super-charged custom deployment scripts in Laravel Forge with the addition of dynamic environment variables. When Forge deploys your website, we will now automatically inject several environment variables within the context of your deployment. You can use these to further customize your...

James Brooks Jun, 16 2020

Forge: Ubuntu 20.04 & New AWS Regions

Beginning today, Forge will provision all new servers with Ubuntu 20.04, the latest Ubuntu LTS release. If you would like to provision a new server using Forge's "Custom VPS" option, you should now ensure your server Ubuntu 20.04 installed. In addition, we have introduced support...

James Brooks May, 21 2020

Forge: Removing "beanstalkd"

Beginning today, Forge will no longer install beanstalkd on new servers. We have noted an increase in provisioning failures due to the beanstalkd service failing. In addition, beanstalkd usage among Laravel users has declined sharply with the introduction of more robust tools like...

James Brooks May, 20 2020

Forge: Telegram Notifications

Forge can now send deployment notifications to your Telegram group chat.You can configure Telegram within the Notifications tab of your site. Check the documentation here.Like with Slack notifications, Forge will notify you on the success and failure of a deployment.We’ll...

James Brooks May, 6 2020

Forge: Composer Update Times

At the beginning of April, we deployed a change to all new and existing Forge servers to randomize the composer self-update cron task.Previously, all Forge servers would attempt to update Composer at midnight which was unintentionally DDoS Composer's servers.

James Brooks May, 5 2020

Forge: Metric Monitoring

Today we are launching an exciting new feature for Laravel...

Taylor Otwell Apr, 16 2020

Forge: Revoking LetsEncrypt Certificates

On February 29 2020, Let's Encrypt discovered a bug affecting millions of issued SSL certificates. These certificates will be revoked on March 4th. You can read the announcement on LetsEncrypt website.In order to ensure your sites certificates remain in place, we recommend you...

Mohamed Said Mar, 3 2020
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