Forge: Database Management Improvements

One of Forge's killer features is that it can provision servers with your choice of database: MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL....

James Brooks Nov, 30 2020

Forge: Streaming Backups & More

Since launching Forge's Database Backup feature back in February, our customers have created thousands of backup configurations,...

James Brooks Nov, 24 2020

Forge: New AWS ARM Instance Types Available

Starting today, you can provision T4g AWS servers using Laravel Forge. These instance types are powered by AWS Graviton2, a...

Mohamed Said Nov, 20 2020

Forge: Better LetsEncrypt Troubleshooting With Solutions

Starting today, if you face a LetsEncrypt issue, Forge will do its best to diagnose the problem, and offer you at least one solution.

Nuno Maduro Nov, 6 2020

Forge: Nginx Templates

Today we're excited to introduce a new feature to Laravel Forge called Nginx Templates. These templates allow...

James Brooks Nov, 5 2020

Forge: Upgrading To Composer 2.0

Following the release of Composer 2 on October 24th, we wanted to share a guide on how to upgrade your servers to make the most of all the great benefits it brings.First, all new servers will automatically receive Composer 2 by default.For existing servers, you...

James Brooks Oct, 26 2020

Forge: Enabling TLS 1.3

As of today, newly issued LetsEncrypt certificates on Laravel Forge servers that run on Ubuntu 20.04 have TLS 1.3 enabled by default. TLS 1.3 offers a faster handshake and more secure cipher suites.If you have an existing LetsEncrypt certificate, you will need to issue a new...

Mohamed Said Oct, 20 2020

Forge: Self-Hosted GitLab Support

Forge has always supported using a custom Git provider for your projects, but starting today Forge has first-party support for...

James Brooks Oct, 7 2020

Forge: TLS v1.3, Redis Passwords and more!

Over the last few weeks, we've been working on many new features and enhancements in Forge. I often

James Brooks Sep, 7 2020

Forge: phpMyAdmin One Click Install

Beginning today, phpMyAdmin is now available as a "one click" installation option on Laravel Forge!When...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 12 2020

Forge: New Load Balancer Features

Beginning today, you may now customize the "weight" of your load balancer servers, indicating that some servers should serve more...

Taylor Otwell Aug, 12 2020

Forge: Load Balancer Methods

Load balancers in Forge are used to distribute web traffic amongst two or more servers and are often used for...

James Brooks Aug, 6 2020
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