Vapor Tinker Command

Jun, 9 2020#vapor

Today we released version v1.7.0 of laravel/vapor-cli. This release includes a new tinker command. Using the new command, you can execute code on Vapor using Laravel Tinker:

vapor tinker --code="dump(App\User::find(1))"

If you do not provide the --code option, the tinker command will prompt you for the code you wish to execute.

You may also run the command against a specific enviornment:

vapor tinker production

By default, this command will timeout after one minute. You can configure the timeout of your CLI commands using the cli-timeout option within your vapor.yml file.

To use this command, you need to make sure you have laravel/tinker v2.0 or later installed in your project, as well as laravel/vapor-cli v1.7.0 or later. After you update your dependencies, deploy your application.

By Mohamed Said

Software Engineer at Laravel.

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