Vapor: Reusable Vendors

Sep, 26 2019#vapor

Beginning today, we are launching a new, opt-in feature for Laravel Vapor that allows Vapor to reuse the "vendor" directory from previous deployments if the contents of the vendor directory has not changed.

This new feature has been launched to solve two problems. First, since we no longer have to upload the vendor directory for every deployment, we can deploy projects significantly faster.

Secondly, large projects sometimes exceed the size constraints on AWS Lambda code artifacts. AWS restricts the size of zipped Lambda deployment artifacts to 50mb. By uploading and handling the vendor directory separately, we can work around this restriction. However, please note that the total disk size of AWS Lambda instances is still limited to 512mb.

To begin using this feature, please upgrade your vapor-cli and vapor-core package installations to their latest versions. Next, add the separate-vendor flag to your Vapor.yml file:

id: 5
name: vapor-local-test
separate-vendor: true

By Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel.

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