Vapor: Bypassing Maintenance Mode

Sep, 29 2020#vapor

When putting your application in maintenance mode using the vapor down command, your application will respond with a status code of 503 on every request.

Beginning today, you may use the secret option on the vapor down command to specify a maintenance mode bypass token:

vapor down --secret=1630542a-246b-4b66-afa1-dd72a4c43515

You may then navigate to the application URL matching this token and Vapor will issue a maintenance mode bypass cookie to your browser:

After accessing this hidden route, you will then be redirected to the / route of the application. Once the cookie has been issued to your browser, you will be able to browse the application normally as if it was not in maintenance mode.

To use this feature, you need to make sure your application is using these versions:

By Mohamed Said

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