Forge: Ubuntu 22.04 Support

May, 10 2022#forge

We're excited to announce that Laravel Forge now supports Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) - the latest Ubuntu LTS release from Canonical!

Unlike previous Ubuntu upgrades, Forge continues to support the previous version (20.04 LTS), and when creating a new server you will now be able to select which version of Ubuntu to provision your servers with.

Selecting a Server OS when provisioning a new server.

Selecting a Server OS when provisioning a new server.

Ubuntu 22.04 ships with OpenSSL 3.0, which is only supported by PHP 8.1. Previous versions of PHP are built with OpenSSL 1.1.0, meaning that to run an older version of PHP you will need to provision an Ubuntu 20.04 server.

If you don’t have a Forge account, now is a great time to sign up! Forge allows you to painlessly create and manage PHP servers which include MySQL, Redis, Memcached, database backups, and everything else you need to run robust, modern Laravel applications.

By James Brooks

Software Developer at Laravel, working on Forge and Envoyer.

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