Envoyer: Refreshed Deployment Steps

Sep, 22 2020#envoyer

Yesterday we shipped an updated to Envoyer that gives deployment steps a much needed refresh.

Envoyer Deployment Steps

By default, Envoyer will perform four actions when deploying any project:

  1. Clone New Release
  2. Install Composer Dependencies (if configued)
  3. Activate New Release
  4. Purge Old Releases

Before yesterday, you could configure additional deployment hooks that executed either before or after one of the pre-defined actions. This was confusing to many as there isn't a difference between "After Clone New Release" and "Before Install Composer Dependencies" for example.

Yesterday's release flattens these deployment steps into a single list, which allows you to drag and drop any of your custom hooks into any order you need. Envoyer's four actions remain fixed, to ensure that projects continue to deploy in the correct order.

The Deployment Hooks tab now shows you which user the action is running as and on what servers, so you can see what's happening at a quick glance.

By James Brooks

Software Developer at Laravel, working on Forge and Envoyer.

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