Forge: Zero Downtime Deployments

We're thrilled to introduce zero downtime deployments to Laravel Forge, thanks to a seamless first-party integration with Envoyer. Envoyer's zero downtime deployments ensure you avoid even those brief milliseconds of downtime while the server updates your code.

James Brooks Aug, 17 2023

Laravel Loves PHP 8.2

Last week saw the official release of PHP 8.2, bringing with it features such as read-only classes, DNF types, and...

Joe Dixon Dec, 19 2022

Ditching Google Analytics for Fathom

On August 24th, we switched to Fathom Analytics, completely removing our dependency on Google Analytics from this blog, Envoyer, Forge and Vapor.

James Brooks Aug, 30 2022

Laravel ecosystem — including Laravel, Forge, and Vapor — is PHP 8.1 ready

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we ensured that Laravel, first-party libraries, Forge, Envoyer, Nova, and Vapor, do support PHP 8.1 since day one. So, let's take a look at what you need to start using PHP 8.1.

Nuno Maduro Nov, 24 2021

Envoyer: Transfer Projects

Starting today, it's possible for project owners to transfer projects to another Envoyer account. Collaborators will not be able to...

James Brooks Sep, 8 2021

Envoyer: Infrastructure Upgrades

On June 12th we upgraded Envoyer's infrastructure, which allowed us to migrate to PHP 8, Laravel 8, and Spark Next. Due to the upgrades, it means that Envoyer is now using new IP addresses.We emailed all subscribed customers on Wednesday June 9th advising that any...

James Brooks Jun, 14 2021

Envoyer & Vapor: Automatically Email Invoices

Beginning today, you may provide a list of email addresses that you would like to receive invoice PDFs when your Envoyer and Vapor subscriptions successfully renews.

Nuno Maduro Dec, 22 2020

Envoyer: Selectable Deployment Hooks

Envoyer's powerful deployment hook system allows you to create bespoke deployment plans for your projects. Envoy can install your dependencies...

James Brooks Dec, 16 2020

Introducing The Envoyer API

Today we're excited to release our API for Envoyer!You can create new API tokens from your Envoyer...

James Brooks Nov, 4 2020

Envoyer: Refreshed Deployment Steps

Yesterday we shipped an updated to [Envoyer](https://envoyer.io) that gives deployment steps a much needed refresh. ![Envoyer Deployment Steps](https://laravel-blog-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/zpU2i4q89msOjcUroeNwCA1FJRsxaATVSHP4dCcf.png "Envoyer Deployment Steps") By default, Envoyer will perform four actions when deploying any project: 1. Clone New Release 2. Install Composer Dependencies (if configued) 3. Activate New...

James Brooks Sep, 22 2020

Envoyer: Extended Deployment Timeouts and New Notification Channels

We're excited to announce a few changes we've just shipped to Envoyer.Extended Deployment Timeouts Starting today, all...

James Brooks Sep, 17 2020

Envoyer: Healthchecker Upgrades

On Tuesday 26th May, we upgraded Envoyer's "health check" servers in NYC, London, and Singapore.Due to the upgrades, the service now operates from three new IP addresses. We have documented the new server IPs here: https://envoyer.io/docsFor convenience, the new IP addresses are...

James Brooks May, 27 2020
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