Laravel 9 Release Date

Jul, 7 2021

As you may know, this year we updated the Laravel release cycle to include one major release per year. Previously, we released two major versions per year.

These release changes would typically indicate that a Laravel 9 release is due in September of this year. However, as you may know, Laravel uses a variety of community-driven packages as well as nine Symfony components for a number of features within the framework. Symfony 6.0 is due for release in November. For that reason, we are choosing to delay the Laravel 9.0 release until January 2022.

By delaying the release, we can upgrade our underlying Symfony components to Symfony 6.0 without being forced to wait until September 2022 to perform this upgrade. In addition, this better positions us for future releases as our yearly releases will always take place two months after Symfony's releases. This means that the upcoming Laravel release schedule will look as follows:

We are continuing to deliver exciting new improvements to the Laravel 8.x release series. In fact, we have been able to ship a variety of amazing new features without needing a major release, including parallel testing, model broadcasting improvements, and more. We look forward to shipping even more wonderful improvements to you soon!

By Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel.

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