Installer: Git Support

Mar, 9 2021

With the newly released v4.2 update of the Laravel installer comes an exciting new feature: Git Support! It's now possible to initialise a Git repository with the base skeleton already committed when setting up a new project. Simply make use of the --git flag to set up a new repository:

laravel new example-app --git

This command will initialize a new Git repository for your project and automatically commit the base Laravel skeleton. This way you can immediately get started with writing code and committing to your app's Git repository.

Or, instead of using the --git flag, you may use the --github flag to create a Git repository and also create a corresponding private repository on GitHub:

laravel new example-app --github

The created repository will then be available at<your-account/ If needed, you can pass additional flags that supported by the GitHub CLI:

laravel new example-app --github="--public"

You may use the --organization flag to create the repository under a specific GitHub organization:

laravel new example-app --github="--public" --organization="laravel"

This will make it that much easier for you to get started with your new Laravel project! ✨

For more information, check out the Laravel installation documentation.

By Dries Vints

Developer at Laravel working on the first-party open source libraries. Find me on TwitterGitHub or my website.

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