Forge: Removing "beanstalkd"

May, 20 2020#forge

Beginning today, Forge will no longer install beanstalkd on new servers.

We have noted an increase in provisioning failures due to the beanstalkd service failing. In addition, beanstalkd usage among Laravel users has declined sharply with the introduction of more robust tools like Laravel Horizon.

However, if you would like to manually install beanstalkd, you may still install it manually using the following Bash script:

apt-get install -y --force-yes beanstalkd	
sed -i "s/BEANSTALKD_LISTEN_ADDR.*/BEANSTALKD_LISTEN_ADDR=" /etc/default/beanstalkd	

if grep START= /etc/default/beanstalkd; then	
    sed -i "s/#START=yes/START=yes/" /etc/default/beanstalkd	
    echo "START=yes" >> /etc/default/beanstalkd	

service beanstalkd start	
sleep 5	
service beanstalkd restart	

systemctl enable beanstalkd
By James Brooks

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