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Tips & Tutorials / 16 hours ago

ElasticSearch: Zero downtime reindexing using Laravel

Added by Anam

Packages / 17 hours ago

FormVuelar - Vue Form Components Done Right

Added by Janis Kelemen

Tips & Tutorials / 17 hours ago

Laravel AJAX Only Middleware

Added by Dennis

Tips & Tutorials / 1 day ago

Creating a CRM with Laravel Nova

Added by stevencook

Video / 1 day ago

Excel Export from Laravel Blade Table [VIDEO]

Added by PovilasKorop

Packages / 1 day ago

PHP Library for the Dark Sky API.

Added by Dmitry G. Ivanov

Tips & Tutorials / 1 day ago

Simple JSON Web Token Guard for Laravel APIs

Added by Gergo D. Nagy

Tips & Tutorials / 1 day ago

Laravel Nova & Vuex… a future proof solution?!

Added by Meki

Tips & Tutorials / 2 days ago

PHP Package Development

Added by Marcel Pociot

Humor / 2 days ago

Programming Happiness

Added by Tony Lea

Packages / 2 days ago

IPFuscator - Alternative IP Formats Interpreted As Same.

Added by Kashyap Merai

Tips & Tutorials / 2 days ago

Adding RSS feed to your Laravel Blog

Added by Adi Sk

Packages / 2 days ago

Human readable numbers in Blade

Added by Sander van Hooft

Packages / 3 days ago

Amazon Gift Codes On Demand (AGCOD) Incentives API

Added by Kashyap Merai

Tips & Tutorials / 3 days ago

Write an API wrapper in PHP

Added by Sky Chin

Packages / 3 days ago

Nova Server Monitor

Added by Paras Malhotra

Podcast / 6 days ago

Vue transitions, file uploads, and conventional wisdom

Added by Michael Dyrynda

Applications / 6 days ago


Added by Florian Wartner

Video / 1 week ago

Laravel Package Development Course

Added by Victor Gonzalez

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Simple and Complete Module-based Laravel API

Added by Deleu

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Firewalls are for Suckas Or Trusted Proxies + Middleware as a Firewall Replacement

Added by Curtis Blackwell

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Tutorial - How to Use Laravel Valet to Host OAuth Web Apps Locally

Added by Cristian Tabacitu

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Very simple tutorial for creating laravel and php packages

Added by djaxho

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Laravel A/B Experiment

Added by tabuna